Center for Wellness Education

The Center for Wellness Education offers classes and trainings that support people’s strengths, learning through the lifespan, positive relationships, and healthy choices with the goal of integrating mind and body while promoting brain health, resilience, and living a fulfilling life.

We want everyone to find peace and wellness at the intersection of the mind, body, and social emotional states.

The Center for Wellness Education is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

Consultation with Dr. Pam Lockwood

Food is fuel and food is medicine. Food should be fun, tasty, colorful, and integral to our social life. We now know that what we eat effects how we feel because foods interact with our gut and brain in amazing and complex ways. For example, we are able to change gene expression by the types of foods we eat such that nutrition is now considered part of treatment programs for many brain conditions.

In your one hour consultation we will assess your current nutrition and develop a plan for gradual changes you can make to improve brain functioning and overall health. Your current symptoms will be discussed and nutrition related goals established. Sessions are intended for people new to thinking about their nutrition, as well as for those already on a path to better nutrition and want to discuss it in more detail, with attention to brain health. Other aspects of wellness such as exercise, sleep, relaxation, and meditation can be discussed in order to put together an overall wellness plan. Follow-up sessions are available.

Payment due at time of service. Cost: $25 cash or check only, payable to Cornell Counseling and Psychological Services.

For appointments email or call 513-940-7175.

Consultations are held at Cornell Counseling 4500 Cooper Road, Suite 303 Cincinnati, Ohio 45242.

Wellness Expressive Art Workshop 

These are difficult times. Let’s explore how our experiences, feelings, recent changes and losses, can bring opportunities for growth. Expressive group experiences help navigate the current chaos and uncertainty. Exploring wellness goals:  feel more present in the here & now, explore feelings and recent experiences, connect with others.

Prearranged groups encouraged, minimum 4. Age 13+, college/young adult, adult, older adult.

For more information, contact Debi Varland or our office at

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